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on a micro-service architecture

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Data gathering

The Early Birds platform has a built in omni channel data
gathering layer. The different types of data gathered are :

  • Browsing history (pages seen, time spent
    on a particular product, interactions).
  • Points of interest (sections often visited,
    alerts, wish list, social data – likes facebook).
  • Conversion tunnel (items put into basket, purchases, returns,
    abandoned baskets).
  • In store purchases, phone orders
    Early Birds also connects itself to your CRM and/or
    your DMP in order to increase your knowledge of each of
    your customers.

Data gathering
Predictive algorithms
Predictive algorithms

The Early Birds platform has numerous built in algorithms, (clustering, micro segmentation, collaborative filtering, KNN, serendipity algorithms and trend identification, multi armed bandits…) and allows the implementation of many different strategies, (products or similar contents, products purchased together, an overall view, personalised recommendations …). AB test algorithms allow you to automatically identify the best performing strategies for each area of your website.
Unlike other platforms on the market, we are agnostic. Designed as an algorithm library, the Early Birds platform is open access and we often add new algorithms coming from the Open Source community.

Widgets and API

Our javascript library front enables you to deploy recomendation areas on your website simply by placing a tag on your website or in your tag management area.

All functions of the Early Birds platform are accessible through an API REST. Our API use the best practice applied by the most modern platforms, (full JSON answers, different authentication methods including oAuth, response filtering) Our micro-service oriented approach enables you to import the functions on our platform directly into your pre-existing tools (integrating merchandising platforms, to your CMS...)

Widgets and API
Algorithmic framework
Algorithmic framework

Thanks to our Scala framework, you can develop your own algorithms while taking advantage of all the functions on our platform. Our framework intigrates a component library which will enable you to speed up and secure your developments by integrating preconceived and tested bricks. Finally, we host and manage your algorithm within our data center. You focus on the algorithm while we manage the industrialization on our clusters Hadoop/Spark.

Quality of service and reactivity

An essential and highly important platform for your activity, early Birds guarantees a strong availability even at times when activity is peaking as well as providing fast response times. The displaying of a widget or a customer identification is done in a few milliseconds.

A technical assistant is made available
and the level of SLA is contractually defined based on your needs.

En outre, Early Birds met en place systématiquement une astreinte à la période des soldes.


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