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Real time personalisation in order to create
a unique customer experience.

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Personalisation is a major stake in your performance. Today's consumer is more mature and expects a lot from his experience on your website which he wants to be both enjoyable and efficient. It is necessary to offer an individualized and relevant browsing experience when we take into consideration the fact that the consumer is versatile.

Personalized recommendations Suggesting the right product
at the right moment.

Early Birds deploys its personalized recommendations on all contact points, from the e-commerce website to the retail outlet and through emailing for a seamless experience. The Early Birds recommendations engine based on your clients tastes and preferences enables us to implement recommendations in areas we have selected together.

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Personal shopper The premium client experience

The personal shopper is the perfect mix between predictive and declarative marketing and is provided in an ingenious and enjoyable manner for the client to express his wants. He feels guided in a non-intrusive manner. Thanks to this you know exactly what he wants. Right from the opening page of your website, the Early Birds shopper offers to guide the shopper during his browsing : this solution enables you to replace the sales person in the shop but on the web.

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Performance manager The intuitive console to manage
your performances

Learn to use the most intuitive and most powerful platform on the market : create and deploy blocks of recommendations, set up and implement merchandising rules linked to trade constraints, AB test the locations and rules created in order to only keep the most efficient. There are multiple possibilities, it’s up to you to choose between a predictive tool and a merchandising platform simply by moving your cursor.

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