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Product recommendations

The Early Birds technology immediately starts working at the beginning of a session. After only a few clicks the consumer profile is created in order to suggest « one to one » products which are redefined in real time. Here the predictive phase starts, not only by anticipating the next product to be displayed, but also by creating a strong impact to your merchandising rules. You therefore align your sales objectives while at the same time increasing customer’s committment.

Recommandations produits
Recommandations contenus et offres
Recommendations, contents and offers

The contents and offers are dynamically created in real time based on the customer profile, (interests, gender, brands…) as well as their behavior on the website. The contents are personalized in order to create an enjoyable browsing experience. The customer is stimulated by an attractive content linked to his own criteria : videos, photos, lookbooks, articles, promotions...

Sorting the page list

The page list is one of the most important elements. In order to guide the consumer, who will probably not go further then the 2nd or 3rd page of results, we propose an intelligent sorting option. In this way we put forward the products which could be the most attractive to your customers. The search results are reorganized and adapted to the customer profile in real time based on their selections on the different pages.

Page tri
Landing page
Landing page

Your opening page is personalized based on keywords used on the external search engine as well as the consumer profile information, in order to create a real desire to discover your products and to reduce as much as possible the rebound rate. The strategic points on your opening page can be found above the waterline, and are generated by our powerful algorithms. With personalized results right at the beginning of the session, the consumer feels that he will have a very satisfying experience.

Integrating the search engine

The consumers who use an internal search engine show very numerous conversion rates. Early Birds enables you to implement predictive in your search engine thanks to automatic fill out functionalities as well as dynamic filters which enable the fine tuning of the search. We even go the extra mile buy using machine learning to adapt the indexed data based on each individual consumer.


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