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The premium customer experience A real virtual advisor to create a personalized and interactive shopping experience

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Declarative and predictive in order
to better understand the customers needs

Customer loyalty is created through a process of offering your customer a personalized content, however they may visit your website several times over short time period to meet various needs

Running at the beginning of the browsing, the personal shopper displays the first declarative phase : what exactly is the customer looking for? Is it for himself or is it a gift? Is the customer looking for a formal or casual product? Once the request has been clearly defined, the predictive tools make it possible to recommend products thus answering the customers needs and desires. Listened to, guided and advised, the customer is more committed and as a result, the transformation rate increases.

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A sequenced modular package
corresponding to your commercial needs

The personal shopper adapts to specific events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day… as would a real sales person. Early Birds can help you set up some personal shoppers by theme, especially the « look creator » which is a consumer favourite for those wanting to be advised as they would be by a real sales person in a shop. The personal shopper adapts itself to the targetted customers’ wants by highlighting their favorites and helping them choose when they don’t have a clear idea as to what they wish to buy. This is done by advising those who need help in choosing.

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