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Performance manager

The intuitive console to manage your performances Manage, analyze… optimize the performance of your merchandising

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Finetuning the parametering
of your merchandising

The performance manager simplifies your merchandisng management and its articulation on a daily basis. The intuitive interface makes it easier to parameter your rules based on your weighting criteria, (highlighting certain brands, high profit margin products) filtering, distribution and segmentation. The advanced segmentation engine enables to precisely target each customer with regards to each segment of context or user

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Better decision making through testing

Testing your parametering is essential in the creation of a knowledge base enabling you to decide more quickly. Our dashboard allows you to visualize the performance of your recommendations as well as your merchandising. The AB test integrated in the platform allows you to analyze the success indicators of a campaign by exposing a part of your visitors to personalized recommendations and the others not. The precise feedback on the number of hits on the recommendations, the price of the average basket, the most popular brands enables you to measure the efficiency of your parametering.

A better algorithmic configuration adapted to your context

The Early Birds’ teams advise you on how to set up your AB test phases and on how to define the best algoritims configuration with regards to your objectives. Client advising is at the heart of Early Birds approach. Our multiple teams will be able to help you set up and integrate complex algoritms, thus enabling you to continually improve your performance.

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