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Omnichannel : for a seamless and adapted
customer journey

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Omnichannel transforms the consumer’s behavior who wants to enjoy a coherent and personalized, (on several simultaneous contact points), buying experience. To set up a lively and smooth process, Early Birds offers solutions to personalize each contact point.

Website Visitor commitment
in real time

An essential contact point in the customers buying process, the website is totally personalized as of the first visit. As the customer interacts with the website, the content is fine tuned thanks to the learning ability of our algorithms as well as trade constraints.

Recommended products, personalized content, the page layout is dynamic in order to present a site which corresponds to your customer, enabling him to immediately find what he’s searching for. At the same time he discovers new products of interest. The buying experience is smooth and the customer allows himself to be guided thus assuring the success of your up sell or cross sell operations by making them perform better.

Recommandations produits
Recommandations contenus et offres
Mobile and tablet Staying in touch with your customers
everywhere and at any moment

Early Birds brings the mobile experience to a whole new level with state of the art technology. The constraints linked to mobiles, especially the size of the screens, are transformed into an attractive feature for a personalized and interactive experience.

Your customers browse in a new way discovering your products which are presented in a clever manner.

Early Birds takes into account all the data from the mobile experience : customer data, geolocalisation and weather data, browsing history.

Email Target, an increase
in the commitment rate

A strategic contact point, the email represents a major commitment and loyalty lever as long as it's personalized. Early Birds offers solutions to create emails based on your customers most recent activities as well as your sales objectives.

Our solutions enable you to manage the creation and distribution of your messages in an automated manner. They cover different cases : the sending of an email as a reminder for an abandoned basket, an email to promote a special campaign. With Early Birds your messages are sent at the right moment and with the right content in order to create a certain close relationship with the customer and to generate traffic through the different channels.

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Call center
Call center Becoming a profit center

Whether it be by chat or by phone, the customer expects a lot from this type of contact as he is speaking to a real person. Early Birds supplies all the necessary data to your call center agents so that they may offer a quality, intuitive and tailored experience to your customer

The call center agents actually become sales advisors by suggesting products the customers desire. He will have a global vision of the profile and will have access to personalized recommendations which have evolved during the different contacts. The advisor will then be able to anticipate the customer’s needs and suggest other products. The customer will be satisfied by his experience on this channel and become loyal in the long term.

Retail outlet The ultimate customer experience

The retail outlet is the cornerstone of commerce, but must evolve over time in order to meet the demands of the consumer. Early Birds enables you to make the most of the data obtained online as well as offline in order to offer tailored recommendations.

For the sales person in the store, this data is precious as it will enable him to suggest products that are « spot on » customer expectations. The customer feeling understood and valued, will become loyal to the brand which has teams who understand his needs.


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