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Above all, early Birds is an innovative vision and has a desire to contribute to the e-commerce thanks to predictive marketing. In order to consolidate the « client centric » approach, we have developed a SaaS platform for personalisation and a purchasing seamless experience.

The Early Birds platform enables the increase of key metrics : turnover, conversion rates and average basket.

An idea which has become a reality thanks to the founders and their teams.

This innovative way of living an omnichannel experience has been supported by the two founders of Early Birds : Laetitia Comes-Bancaud and Nicolas Mathon as well as a very implicated team dedicated to the success of the project.

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Executive Team

Laetitia Comès-Bancaud Laetitia Comès-Bancaud

Laetitia Comès-Bancaud

Co founder

After obtaining a Masters Degree in Marketing, (ISG La Rochelle), Laetitia began her career in the tourism industry, and went on to join Prosodie in the Business Online department. Afterwards, she participated in the opening of sales and marketing offices for MoTwin in Paris, (software editor – 3 fundraisings). She was in charge of the sales before deciding to go into business for herself.

Nicolas Mathon

Co founder

After graduating as an engineer from ECE in Paris, Nicola began his career at Degetel. Soon afterwards, he joined Lp Digital where he successfully filled the positions of Technical Projects Manager, Director of Development and finally Assistant General Manager. He has worked on many major projects dealing with complex digital systems. Passionate about big data technology he decides to set up his own company.

Nicolas Mathon Nicolas Mathon
Nicolas Garmy Nicolas Garmy

Nicolas Garmy

VP Operations

Nicolas is an expert in e-commerce and on digital promoting techniques. After graduating from INSEEC, he developed his skills working for the Benchmark Group as well as Score MD where he held the position of Senior CRM Consultant, in charge of key accounts. He demonstrated a real skill for managing complex projects while working for DMP, Makazi, as well as running a consulting activity.

Nicolas Ogé

Chief data officer

Having obtained a diploma from l’Ensimag Grenoble, Nicolas went on to develop a strong expertise in computer science and applied mathematics : he is being specialised in complex algorithms, machine learning and big data. He began working on the predictive algorithms for Business Objet (SAP). He continued his career in finance by joining the Recherche Quantative de Mosaic Finance team. After an experience at Mappy as a Big Data Engineer and Data Scientist, he joined Early Birds to manage the Data Science unit.

Nicolas Ogé Nicolas Ogé
Donovan Harscoet Donovan Harscoet

Donovan Harscoet

Chief architect

Donovan obtained a diploma in web and e-business Engineering from ESGI and Paris Sud University. He first joined FM Micro and then Europcar International where he developed strategic applications. Donovan is one of the first Early Birds's employee, where he started as a full-stack developer, before begining lead developer. He is today our Chief Architect.

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